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I'm sitting at work right now, and its curently 9:16 in the morning. I have only been up for two hours but so far this has managed to be the worst morning i've ever had in my life. so i wake up this morning and realize i have no breakfast food, so my breakfast was restricted to about 3 oz. of orange juice. somehow i still manage to get behind. i'm thinkin that it is just overcast outside, so when i walk out to my bike to ride to class, i realize that it is raining, steadily, and its cold. i am wearing a t-shirt and shorts. Also, i'm already running late, so i just have to ride to class like that. i get to english and i am soaked, then the professor gets the bright idea to turn his AC on full.....i sit directly in front of it. so now i am soaking wet and being hit by freezing air. Hello Swine Flu? we get out of class at 8:20, i am still soaked, and i have to be at work at 9. i decide to ride back to my dorm to get dry clothes and my rain suit, just as i am about to be back at my dorm, my bike decides that it doesn't want to be ridden anymore, and it throws me like a bull at a rodeo. it wasnt one of those things where i was showing off or being stupd and deserved to wreck. no, i was just riding. i stood up on the pedals to go faster and the gears on the back of my bike caught or something, so when i went to push down on the pedal, my foot slid off of it, sending me over the handlebars, smashing into the ground, and sliding across the cement on my hip and elbow. so now not only am i wet and cold, i'm wet, cold, in pain, laying on the ground, and bleeding. the rain that was hitting the open wound on my arm cause the blood to be even more fluid, and it ran quickly in streaks down my arm. the people whom i had just past obviously heard what had happened and looked back at me for a second or two, then just kept walking.......i pick myself up, grab my backpack and hat and finish the ride back to my dorm. i get there ok, after passing a group of snickering girls who apparently had seen me and my accident. i walk up to my room, blood still running down my injured arm (i did not know about the large abraision on my side and the bruise on my hip at this point. i quickly make it to our bathroom, a simple run back to the dorm for dry clothes and a rainsuit has now turned into a quite desperate practice of short term feild medicine. i take my shirt off and wash my wounds with warm water. this isnt enough, i need something to sterilize them, only god knows what could have been on the concrete that just shaved a couple of square inches of my flesh off. all i have to use for this is alcohol. Oh Joy!!!! i use them and quickly have to bite down on a towel to keep myself from letting loose a flurry of very loud, and very inappropriate vocabulary. once this is over, i realize that i only have one band aid large enough to work for the wounds that i have. i apply it, and then have to devise some makeshift gauze and tape to cover the other set of wounds. at this point i realize that i am going to be late for work more than likely. I grab a long sleeve under armour to wear to make sure that the bandages i applied on my elbow would stay there and not move. also to help me, i take two aleve.....i'm still not sure how that move is going to work out, considering that i took them on a nearly empty stomach. i don my rainsuit, get on my bike, and ride to work. i wasnt all that worried about being late, my supervisor is a very very very nice and sweet lady whom i was looking forward to seeing because i knew that she would most likely give me some type of consolation, or just someone to tell my story to. I get to work.......she isnt there. so now i have no one to talk to and i am sitting here at my work station not wanting to move, because my rain suit did an awesome job of keeping the rain off of me, except for in one butt. i am now completely dry, except for a giant, bike seat shaped wet spot centered on my butt.

A great fiction writer couldn't make this stuff up.....

I REALLY hope this day takes a turn for the better.......starting right about now.

pointless, comical narrative for English 101

I had always been an overly active child. At a young age, doctors diagnosed me with ADD or AHDH or some kind of that nonsensical medical mumbo jumbo. I thought that it was just that I was extremely hyper and wanted to have fun. My parents, who had dreams of me becoming a big money engineer, always thought that this condition of mine would be my downfall, but little did they know, it was actually the one thing that ended up propelling me to stardom.

                By the time I was in the fifth grade, I was actually b beginning to agree with my parents. Being as smart as I was, I took notice of the face that I was too energetic to maintain interest in my school work. Luckily, I found my savior, Jesus. He was a small stereotypical looking Mexican boy who lived down the street from me in the middle of our ghetto neighborhood. No, really, it was the ghetto; we lived beside the local housing projects. Anyways, Jesus introduced me to the sport that would change my life. El se llama futbol. He called it football. It was soccer, to be translated into more American terms.

                Jesus and I became close friends, playing soccer together everyday after school. I caught onto the sport quickly, and a part from being a simply enjoyable experience and past time, I found that it helped my schoolwork. Soccer gave me the ability to release all of this energy that I had built up, and it thus helped me improve my studies.

                After a year or two of this, I began to play local club soccer around the state. I even helped lead my team to a couple of state cups, and eventually I began to be noticed. By my sophomore year in high school, famous worldwide teams were starting to come and talk to me. I took trips to various places to check out the facilities of the interested clubs, always with my trusted friend Jesus by my side. He never left me or forsook me. I felt the soft, cool grass of Celtic Park in Scotland. I feasted on amazing Italian food while at an A.S. Roma match in Rome. I saw the Camp Nou glistening and lighting up with flashbulbs at a nighttime match in Barcelona. I took a few too many deep breathes of the putrid air at the Estadio Azteca in Mexico City, and I felt my ear drums rumble as the crowds in the stadia of England roared.

                In the end, I spent my late teenage years under contract with A.S. Roma, but on loan and plying in the United States. I won the MLS Cup with the Houston Dynamo and was then called up to play for the United States National Team. After spending a year and a half playing in World Cup Qualifiers, I suffered an ankle injury that sidelined me, and I returned to my home club in Rome to recuperate.

                At this time I was 21, and being in Rome, I took the chance to decide to stay there. I played for A.S. Roma until I was 25. We won a couple of Serie A titles and made some runs in tournaments, but we could never reach European triumph in the Champions League. At the end of my tenure there, I became a member of F.C. Barcelona.

                Oh yeah! Meanwhile, my parents were no longer complaining about me not being an engineer. I was making more money as a footballer than they had imagined, and a decent portion of my salary sent back home to them monthly was enough to keep them quiet. Jesus had told me, around the time that I was playing in the MLS that he would be going away, but not to worry, because he would return again in three days time. Sure enough he did and he appeared to me on the road when I was walking to Dallas. He gave me one last piece of advice when he said, “Go, and make footballers of all nations, teaching and instructing them in all the ways of the beautiful game.” Then he ran off towards Mexico. I hope he is alright; he always was the scrawny type….

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Hola a todos! Me llamo Marlowe y soy estudiante a la universidad de alabama. yo empece a escribir aqui hoy porque quiero a escribir mas en espanyol y en general. no se, creo que cuando yo quiero discutir algo, lo escribire aqui. me gustaria tener amigos del internet con quien yo puedo practicar espanol tambien. o catala o italiano o portugues. me encanta aprender idiomas nuevas. cualquier persona que quiere debe escribirme aqui.

ciao! io sono Marlowe e sono estudiante della University of Alabama. Non riesco a scrivere bene la lingua italiana. necessito aiuto!!!! per favore!

Ola! sou marlowe e sou estudante da a university of alabama. eu quero aprender portugues mais. estou indo ao brasil em outumbro. nao posso falar bem portugues. eu aprendo mais espanyol. quero amigos de practicar esta lenguagem tambem.

hola! soc marlowe i soc estudiant de la university of alabama. vull aprendre catala perque soc fanatic de FC Barcelona. aquesta es una llengua una mica dificil per a mi.

Hello everyone, my name is marlowe and i'm a student at the university of alabama. i just started this live journal thing because i was bored at work and saw a link to it. i work in the deans office at the honors college here so i'm at a computer all of the time. therefore i should have plenty of time to post on here or just whatever. i'll try to make most of my topics interesting for the general public. i really dont know who will be reading this though. a little bit about me: as you can tell i love foreign languages and learning them, i am a huge soccer fan, and also i am a christian. I am not ashamed of the gospel.

So yeah, i guess i'll post on this thing once or twice a week on just whatever topics. check back sometime, add me or w/e it is you do on this site.



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